Welcome to More Than Hearing!

For two thousand years, the primary way preachers have reached their audiences is through the spoken word. But people process information and learn in many more ways than just listening. Visual input, body sensations, interpersonal conversations, math, art, music, drama, and self-reflection are all equally engaging and wildly underused paths into people’s minds, hearts, and souls.

Our hope is that More Than Hearing will be a fun and entertaining way for us to spark your imagination, making your preaching more engaging to more people by using some of the many ways that people learn. We will provide illustrations and special effects (SFX) based on the multiple intelligences for the Revised Common Lectionary passages each week. The illustrations and SFX are designed to connect with visual, kinesthetic, group, self, math, nature, and music intelligence in the hearers to help them engage with God’s Word.

Who We Are

Molly and David on a recent trip to Colorado National Monument in Fruita, CO.
Molly and David on a recent trip to Colorado National Monument in Fruita, CO.


Rev. Molly Whipple Douthett is a Presbyterian minister serving as a solo pastor in northern Virginia. She was born in Ames, Iowa, and grew up in Aurora, Colorado. She received her B.A. in psychology from the University of Colorado, Denver, and her M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. Her interests include music, making jewelry, working with yarn, arguing politics online, and laughing (often at the politics).

Rev. David Douthett is a Presbyterian minister serving as a solo pastor in northern Virginia. He was born and raised in western Pennsylvania, received his B.S. in aerospace and ocean engineering from Virginia Tech and his M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. That’s where he met Molly. David’s interests include cooking, puzzles, and amateur astronomy. He has several telescopes and enjoys looking at the nighttime shiny as a way of connecting with the glory of God’s creation and renewing his sense of awe.

How We Got Here

Some years ago, a friend and colleague of ours invited us to be part of a lectionary discussion group with the idea of exploring the lectionary texts for ways to include multiple intelligences in our preaching. It was an exciting idea she had gotten from a workshop she had attended. To be honest​, though, while we continued to meet regularly for several edifying years and enjoyed it thoroughly, we didn’t keep up the multiple intelligence part for very long.

Lately we have been wanting to work on a new creative project together outside our regular church work. We decided to try a podcast. After several possible ideas we came back around to the multiple intelligence preaching, and it rang a bell. So we decided to develop it as More Than Hearing. We hope this will become an inspiration for your own creativity and that you will share your ideas, questions, and successes with us and the MTH community.