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The Feedback Loop! – Ordinary 4 to Lent 5

March 21, 2016 / D2 / Feedback Loop, Lent, Ordinary Time

MTHFBL Art_150Welcome back to the MTH Feedback Loop, a bonus episode where Molly and David talk about some of the multiple intelligence illustrations and special effects from previous More Than Hearing episodes that we have actually used in worship and how they turned out.

It’s been about two months since we made the loop, so we had over 30 illustrations and special effects that we’ve tried since then! We sorted through them and picked some of the most interesting to tell you about, either because they worked really well or because they didn’t go as well as we had hoped. We hope you enjoy hearing about them and that the Loop will encourage you in your efforts to include multiple intelligences in your sermons and worship, because however it goes, you aren’t alone, and you’re being faithful in the effort to make God’s Word more accessible for more people.

The List of Stuff

Here’s what we talked about, the original episodes where we introduced the idea, and the time where you can find our discussion in this FBL episode:

[00:46] Ordinary 4 – water and ice and squishy love

[02:05] Lent 1 – walking up your offering [02:05], trusting God is on your money [03:42]

[04:45] Lent 2 – Herod, that fox

[05:36] Lent 3 – the logic of Jesus on calamities [05:36], a volunteer fig tree [06:43], a figgy snack [08:11]

[08:37] Lent 4 – Prodigal rap [08:37], the wasteful older son [10:05]

[10:40] Lent 5 – accounting [10:40], the high cost of nard [13:18], incense headaches [14:42], what does nard smell like? [15:25]


Join the Loop!

Let us know how these multiple intelligence ideas are working for you! Leave us a comment below or send us an email at telling us what went well, what missed, and what you came up with on your own. We’ll try to include it in the next FBL episode!




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