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Year C, Lent 3, 2016 – We Repent, Already!

February 24, 2016 / D2 / Lent

We’ve been swamped with our day jobs and some personal things that needed our attention, so we are way behind this week. Here’s the short form of the show notes, so we can get the show published. We’ll try to update the notes with more good stuff soon. Thanks for your patience.

This Week’s Texts

Isaiah 55:1-13 [2:16]- Okay, post-exilic call to repentance. Don’t waste your time and resources on what doesn’t satisfy. God is in control and knows more than you do. Try doing things God’s way. Then even nature itself will rejoice! So, listening, feasting, leadership, and atmosphere.

  • Smarts: Word [4:06], Eye [7:07], Body [8:05], Music [8:53], Nature [9:26]
  • Isaiah 55 worksheet


1 Corinthians 10:1-13 [11:21]- This one gave us fits, at least for starters. Paul compares the Hebrews’ wilderness wanderings with Moses to the Corinthians’ experience in Christ as a negative example. Don’t be like them! he urges. Learn from their example. So, instructions, baptisms, clown shoes, yoga, and not desiring evil. … It will make sense when you listen to the show.


Luke 13:1-9 [19:47]- Jesus tackles the question of random acts of violence and devastation. At first it doesn’t sound like a very logical response, and maybe it isn’t. It’s an urgent response, calling for all to repent, but you just never know. Also, a fig tree that doesn’t give figs. Are you sensing a theme yet? So, figs and sin, the Venn diagram avocado of sinners (see below), be the tree, and digging around the tree imagery.

(I realized later that our understanding of this passage was helped a lot by a commentary by Jill Duffield at Presbyterian Outlook, which we didn’t actually say in the recording. So thanks and sorry, Jill!)


Fig. 1 – The avocado of sinners



Isaiah 55

“Get out of the water!” – Brody in Jaws

Acrostic poems

Hymn The Trees of the Field

Felix Baumgartner’s free fall space jump from 127,000 feet

Diagram of the layers of earth’s atmosphere


1 Corinthians 10

The Fixx – Stand or Fall  (not in the show, but a good ear worm)



About figs in Israel

And more Israeli figs


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