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God’s Vineyard Blues Bonus Track

August 11, 2016 / D2 / Bonus Track, Ordinary Time

Here’s a bonus for you. Well, you might not think so after you hear me sing. It’s my adaptation of Isaiah 5:1-7 to a 12-bar blues, as referred to in our COrd20 episode. Think of it as a demo tape, but with theological implications. That’s Molly on the guitar, and the song is in the key of C. Here’s a link to the lyrics: God’s Vineyard Blues.

There’s nothing like a master blues singer practicing his craft. And this is nothing like a master blues singer practicing his craft! But we hope you’ll enjoy it any way and maybe use it to enhance your congregation’s connection to the text. While you have permission to use it for local church worship or education, we do ask that you give credit to David and Molly Douthett at the More Than Hearing podcast.

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