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Year C, Trinity Sunday, 2016 – One for All, All for One

May 18, 2016 / Molly Douthett / Trinity


We’re just about into the long period of Ordinary days stretching this year from late May to late November but before we get there, we have one last special day on the calendar – Trinity Sunday. The Lectionary selections from Proverbs, Romans, and John emphasize the connection between the three persons of the one Eternal God. In Proverbs, we read about Woman Wisdom who was with God in the beginning as God created the world. The later verses in the selection echo the poetry of Genesis, which leads to an understanding of Wisdom as the Spirit. In Romans and John, Jesus, God the Father, and the Spirit are shown fully connected and entwined. The challenge, of course, is to speak to this relationship in terms that are accessible but not simplistic. Join us to see how we managed!


This week’s texts are:


Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 [02:29]  –  Wisdom stands at the crossroads of the city and calls for attention. We explore some illustrations and special effects in word smart as to how to emulate her. Wisdom was with God at the time of creation, and we give some illustrations and special effects ideas for eye and nature smart to help bring that to life. Wisdom receives her authority to speak because of her inside relationship with God. She has things to say to human beings because of that authority, but I think what makes her truly worth listening to is that she is just delighted that God made us. Proverbs urges us to listen to the Spirit because the Spirit loves us.

  • Smarts – Word [03:42], Eye [06:04], Nature [07:07], People [08:33], Self [10:13]
  • Proverbs 8 worksheet


Romans 5:1-5 [11:14] – Paul packs a lot of information about life as a disciple in these brief verses. To begin, we use eye smart to explore the access we receive to God through Jesus. We have several links to illustrate it. We also have a special effect using oil and water. Next, Paul speaks of God pouring love into our hearts, and we have an illustration and special effect in body smart for this. We look at the endurance Paul refers to in people and self smart and we have a special effect in music.

  • Smarts – Eye [12:18], Body [17:51], Music [18:30], People [19:35], Self [20:08]
  • Romans 5 worksheet


John 16:12-15 [21:08] – Trinity Sunday is wrapped up in the passage from John where all three persons of God’s nature are presented. Jesus uses the word “declare” three times, so we figured we should pay attention to that, and we do in word smart. The number three is very prevalent for today’s theme of Trinity and in many places in our lives – we have many, many examples in math smart. The threes continue in body smart as we consider how the body, brain, and breath are connected in many physical activities. We found some interesting symbiotic relationships in nature and look at the role the Spirit plays as a guide.

  • Smarts – Word [22:07], Math [23:00], Body [25:51], Nature [26:36], People [27:53]
  • John 16 worksheet




… in Proverbs


… in Romans


… in John


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