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Year B, Ordinary 10 (Proper 5, Pentecost +3), 2018 – Housing Bubble

June 6, 2018 / Molly Douthett / Ordinary Time

Hey all! Welcome back! When we moved into our house back in 2004, the housing bubble here in the US was still expanding. We had been in a bit of a tight spot; we were looking for something with a fenced yard for the dog, bedrooms for each kid, and within our budget. Property values around David’s church were much higher than we could reasonably afford, so we eventually settled about twenty miles away and one state over. We are very glad we did for a variety of reasons but the main one is that when the bubble popped and the market crashed in 2008, we did not lose our home. Many people were not so fortunate and we as a nation are still feeling the repercussions of that ten years later. Finding a place to dwell or feeling secure where you pitch your tent are fundamental issues for human beings. In the two passages for today, we get references to houses or places where we belong and can feel at home. Paul writes to the Corinthians that while our outer natures are decaying or that our earthly tents may be destroyed, we have an eternal home with God. In the Mark passage, Jesus is at home but not at rest. He is accused of being demon possessed which he finds preposterous. How can a house divided against itself stand? While the scribes try to come up with an answer to that, Jesus redefines what it is to be family under the roof of God’s household.  


 Special Bulletin: [1:59]

After the first Sunday in July, David will be on a three month sabbatical. You may have noticed the past two weeks that we have only presented two passages – part of that is we just haven’t settled on which Old Testament preaching path follow and so have just avoided it. The other reason is that we are discerning how best to keep the podcast going during his absence. One thought is to limit the show to two passages, or even just one. We have some options open to us but if you have a suggestion, please let us know in the comments below or at our Facebook page. Meanwhile, let’s go look at what we have for this Sunday.


This week’s texts are:

2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 [4:14]

Paul has been accused by some in the Corinthian congregation of being weak and unimpressive. He agrees to an extent; he admits his body has begun to exhibit the stress of age and work, but denies that his weakening outer nature in any way diminishes his renewed spirit in Christ. In fact, he feels strength and power as God’s glory flows through him and his words. In WORD smart, we have an idea that mirrors verse 13 – “I believed and so I spoke”. Paul’s image of the body as a tent got us to thinking about the blanket forts kids make and play in. Try constructing one for an EYE smart illustration and special effect! Taking Paul’s metaphor onto our own persons as per the quote for a BODY smart illustration on the worksheet, ask your people to consider what type of dwelling or tent their body resembles. Verse 14 has some interlaced melody, so try arranging it into a canon for MUSIC smart. In NATURE smart, we suggest using an onion that has begun to go over as an illustration and special effect. Also, what happens to matter as it decays? Some of it is transformed into something new while at a sub-atomic level, it goes on perpetually.


Mark 3:20-35 [15:26]

So much happens in Mark so quickly that it’s difficult to keep track of it all! We’ve jumped a bit in the third chapter to get to this passage; Jesus’ renown keeps growing and he calls his disciples in the verses omitted. As this selection begins, he’s gone back home. Maybe he thinks he’s finally going to get to sleep in a bed and have a decent meal. Nope. There are so many people pushing their way into the house he cannot get his hand to his mouth! I’ve been in places where there were crushes of people like that while in college, but this gathering does not seem to have a party atmosphere to it at all. I always get a sense of desperation; people see a chance at hope in this man which draws them from everywhere. We recommend commentary by Ched Myers for WORD smart which we explain in the show. Jesus is accused of doing miracles by the power of “the ruler of demons” which he thinks is impossible – it’s like dividing by zero! We have a link to a video discussing this in MATH smart. Jesus also refers to binding a strong man so we have an article discussing the pros and cons of different strength training programs in BODY smart. Mark often uses a literary “sandwich” technique which shows up here. We have a MUSIC smart illustration by The Beatles that shows how it works. In PEOPLE smart, use some links to TVTropes and Robert’s Rules of Order. And finally in SELF smart, we have two quotes that illuminate just what that unforgivable sin may be. 

Smarts – Word [18:02], Math [19:0], Body [21:45], Music [23:08], People [24:57], Self [29:08]


Image Credit: Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash. Used by permission.


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2 thoughts on “Year B, Ordinary 10 (Proper 5, Pentecost +3), 2018 – Housing Bubble

  • For anyone preaching I Samuel 8, I am using a connection with disclaimers at the end of prescription drug ads, “may cause drowsiness, irritability and a list of gross things you don’t want your pastor saying during worship” to illustrate Samuel’s warning about life with a king and the people’s response. I will change the drug side effects warning to say “will” rather than “may” as I extend this connection.

    • That’s a great idea! How did it turn out?
      It reminds me of the bit James Corden does on the Late Late Show, “Side Effects May Include…”

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